Our Animals


We have over 80 rescued animals at the Ranch. All of our animals have been rescued from cruelty, neglect, from animal shelters or surrendered by their owners. We call our rescued animals "animal ambassadors" because we use them in our humane education programs to educate our community on responsible pet ownership. Our animal ambassadors are permanent residents and will live the rest of their lives at the Ranch. Our ambassadors range from small mammals, reptiles, birds and even farmyard animals.

All of our animals have a story to tell, but here are a few featured ambassadors:

Meet Buttercup, Animal AmbassadorButtercup is one of the sweetest goats you’ll ever meet! She is one of the first goats to come up and greet people when they come out t...
Meet Bandit, Animal AmbassadorBandit is one of our 13 goats and is a Tennessee fainting/Nubian mix. She has been with us since 2014 and is one of the longest standing...
Meet Titan, Animal AmbassadorTitan is our Bearded Dragon here at the ranch and is one of our most beloved animal ambassadors by visitors and staff alike!
Meet Dante, Animal AmbassadorDante is one of our Ball Pythons and is one of the most handsome boys! He came to us when his family was downsizing.
Meet Lucy, Animal AmbassadorLucy is our longest standing animal ambassador! Having arrived in March of 2013, she is our first snake at the Ranch.
Meet Felix and Oscar, Animal AmbassadorsFelix and Oscar have been with us for just under two months and have been a wonderful addition to our animal ambassador program.
Meet Remy and Snowy, Animal AmbassadorsRemy and Snowy are our two male fancy rats. Both are roughly two years old and have been at the Ranch since August of 2023.
Meet Pancake, Animal AmbassadorPancake is an Ornate Uromastyx. She came to the Ranch in September of 2021.
Meet Hiccup, Animal AmbassadorHiccup is one of our two hedgehogs here at the Ranch! Hiccup has been with us since 2022.
Meet Otis, Animal AmbassadorAs a calf only a few days old, Otis was purchased from an auction. Sick from the moment he was brought home, Otis was nursed back to hea...
Meet Peanut Butter, Animal AmbassadorPeanut Butter is our only Chinchilla here at the Ranch and can be quite the testy old lady sometimes!
Meet Chuck, Animal AmbassadorChuck became an official Animal Ambassador on September 1, 2023.
Meet Bert and Ernie, Animal AmbassadorsIf you have been to the Ranch this summer, you may have noticed two new feathered friends in our goat yard.
Meet Azalea, Animal AmbassadorIf there's one thing to say about Azalea, it's that she is quite the character! Azalea is a big girl that has a big personality to match.
Meet Stone, Animal AmbassadorStone is a Crawl Cay Boa and is our biggest (and strongest) snake. He is about 6 feet in length and pure muscle!
Meet Jordie, Animal AmbassadorJordie is our resident greeter and one of the Ranch's resident noisemakers. If you ever hear a random "hello" or "come here", it is most...
Meet Valentino, Animal AmbassadorValentino is one of our Katahdin sheep and the son to Sally Mae! Valentino is the only animal that has ever been born at the ranch.
Meet Hazel, Animal AmbassadorHazel is a young, Holland Lop Rabbit, who is so full of spunk! As a baby, she was purchased as an Easter gift for a young girl.
Meet Lover, Animal AmbassadorMeet Lover, Animal Ambassador here at Rescue Ranch in Statesville, North Carolina.
Meet Velvet, Animal AmbassadorMeet Velvet, Animal Ambassador here at Rescue Ranch in Statesville, North Carolina. Velvet is a Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot who hatc...
Meet Pineapple, Animal AmbassadorMeet Pineapple, Animal Ambassador here at Rescue Ranch in Statesville, North Carolina.

In Memory of all the Animal Ambassadors who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Meet Jacko, Animal AmbassadorOur precious donkey, Jacko, crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully in his sleep at the ripe old age of (roughly) 30 years old.