Our Animals

We have over 80 rescued animals at the Ranch. All of our animals have been rescued from cruelty, neglect, from animal shelters or surrendered by their owners. We call our rescued animals 'animal ambassadors' because we use them in our humane education programs to educate our community on responsible pet ownership. Our animal ambassadors are permanent residents and will live the rest of their lives at the Ranch. Our ambassadors range from small mammals, reptiles, birds and even farmyard animals.

All of our animals have a story to tell, but here are a few featured ambassadors.



She was found with a broken wing in a bucket on her former owners porch. Sadly, she will never be able to fly again, but she will be cared for at the Ranch for the rest of her life. She is one of our animal ambassadors that helps teach children what responsible pet ownership is.



Pineapple survived two hurricanes! Sadly, her previous owners lost their home to Hurricane Florence and were forced to move into a domicile that didn't have enough yard space for a growing tortoise. Now she lives a great life at the Ranch with the ability to roam around big open spaces.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 4.56.33 PM.png


Hanger's former family left him to fend for himself when they moved and abandoned him. Hanger was found in a closet, emaciated and hanging on a clothes 'hanger'. Thankfully he recovered and lives a great life at the Ranch teaching others how Reptiles aren't so scary. 


Jimmy Niblet

Jimmy was found abandoned, tied to a fence post - probably left for dead. Thankfully he was found and we brought him to Rescue Ranch to rehabilitate him, care for him and show him what love truly is.

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Stella was rescued from a cruelty and hoarding situation where her fur was so matted and her nails were so long that she was severely suffering. Now she lives at the Ranch with her best friend Graham Cracker. She helps educates kids responsible pet ownership.

Meet More of our Animal Ambassadors