Meet Jacko, Animal Ambassador

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Meet Jacko, Animal Ambassador here at Rescue Ranch!

Jacko came to Rescue Ranch in 2012 at the age of 22, and has been a beloved Animal Ambassador ever since! Prior to coming to the Ranch, Jacko was a certified escape artist which led to animal control being called multiple times. For his safety, he was re-homed here and we are so lucky to have him! 

Donkeys are natural protectors and Jacko takes his job of protecting our goats and sheep very seriously. He spends his days grazing amongst the other animals in the yard keeping a close eye on any impending danger.

Not only does Jacko protect his pasture mates, but he is also a source of calm for anyone that comes in contact with him. His sweet face and calm demeanor will draw you in and he will accept all the love you have to give. He adores being groomed and will quickly become your best friend if you bring him treats - his favorites are equine cookies, apples and popcorn (unsalted and unbuttered of course!)

Our beloved resident donkey, Jacko, has recently tested positive for both Cushings' Disease and EPM, two conditions that require frequent vet visits and medication to manage. At 30 years old, Jacko has been a part of the Rescue Ranch family for many years, and we are dedicated to providing him with the care and support he needs. But, as a non-profit organization, we need your help. We are currently raising funds to cover Jacko's medical expenses, and any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated. Your donation will help us continue to provide the best possible care for Jacko and all of our animal ambassadors.

Would you help us raise $3,000 for Jacko's 30th birthday!?

Donations for Jacko can be made here.

All of the animals here at Rescue Ranch have a story to tell.  Read about more of our animal ambassadors here.

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Here at Rescue Ranch, we believe learning, inspiration, hope, and exploration are keys to enhance the human bond and respect with all animals.

Since 2012, Rescue Ranch has grown to one of the premier animal education centers of its kind. Reaching thousands of children in North Carolina and beyond.

Our 10,000 square foot inclusive playground allows children of all abilities to play TOGETHER.  Plan your visit to Rescue Ranch today!

Check out information on Group and Private Guided Tours here.

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