Rescue Ranch Homeschool Club

Come join us for STEM lessons based on amazing animal traits! This year we will learn about extraordinary animals and see if we can replicate what they do. For example, the mannequin bird makes noise without opening its beak! We will lean how it makes noise as well as create our own noisemaker using a similar method.

Each session runs from 9:30-12:00 and includes a science lesson as well as hands on animal encounters. We typically meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, but may have to adjust dates due to holidays. Please see the schedule below.

Families are also welcome to stay and play on the playground, have a picnic lunch, and hike on the nature trails. This is included in the price of the program (there is a $3 fee per additional child who is not part of Rescue Ranch Homeschool Club).

Cost: $25 per child, per month or $60 for the semester (September-November or February-April)


Download Flyer Here

Weekly Themes:

  • February 12- How do animals Hibernate?
  • February 26– What causes animals to be a different color than normal?
  • March 18 – Why and How do animals make homes?
  • March 25 – What animal can make strange noises underwater?
  • April 8 – How far away can an Elephant smell food?
  • April 22 – Why do Starlings fly in groups?