Rescue Ranch Homeschool Club

Come join us for STEM lessons and some fun with animals! Homeschool Club is designed to be hands-on science, and each day includes a lesson, an experiment or activity for students to complete, as well as animal interactions and lessons!


Each session runs from 9:30am -12:00pm. Homeschool Club meets twice a month. This year we will be running two separate classes, one Wednesday and one on Thursday; students do not need to sign up for both classes as they will be the same on Wednesday as they are on Thursday. Please see the schedule below. Our fall semester runs from September-November and our spring semester runs from February-April.


Families are also welcome to stay and play on the playground, have a picnic lunch, and hike on the nature trails at the end of each Homeschool Club day. This is included in the price of the program (there is a $3 fee per additional child who is not part of Rescue Ranch Homeschool Club).


Cost: $30 per child, per month. You can save $5 per month if you register for all classes during the semester.


Dates: 2021 – 2022 School Year


Wednesday – 8th and 22nd
Thursday – 9th and 23rd


Wednesday – 13th and 27th
Thursday – 14th and 28th


Wednesday – 3rd and 17th
Thursday – 4th and 18th


Wednesday – 9th and 23rd
Thursday – 10th and 24th


Wednesday – 16th and 30th
Thursday – 17th and 31st


Wednesday – 13th and 27th
Thursday – 14th and 28th