Rescue Ranch Critter Grams

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a special occasion?  Let Rescue Ranch send out a personalized card from one of our animals.  Each card includes a photo of one of our animals, an animal pun, and information about Rescue Ranch and the animal pictured on the card.  Proceeds from each card go towards supporting our animals and education programs.  All you have to do is select the card you would like, tell us what to write, and we will have it mailed out to the recipient within 5 business days!

Cost: $12 

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Below is the list of cards to choose from:


Hoppy Birthday to some bunny special

Happy Birthday!  Let’s Shell-a-brate!

Birthday Hugs and Hisses

Leapin Lizards I can’t believe it’s your birthday

Love/Missing You/Anniversary/Thinking of you

I wish I was chinchillin with you

You make my heart Gallop

So glad you hopped into my life

You’re tortally awesome

It’s bacon my heart that I can’t see you

My heart only bleats for you


Graduating already? You’ve goat to be kidding me!

Mooove over (college) here comes (graduate name)

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

You’re the tweetest mom I know (can be changed to a different title)

I’m so glad I in-parrot-ed your sense of humor