Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. 

Is Rescue Ranch an Animal Shelter?

Nope, we are a Humane Education Center that offers a variety of education programs. We have a dog and cat rescue and adoption program, but it is all foster home based.

Can I just stop by the Ranch for a tour?

Unfortunately, due to all the programs we host, tours must be scheduled. To schedule a tour, please call 704-768-0909. To learn more about tours, click here.

Are there any adoptable animals at Rescue Ranch?

There are no adoptable animals at Rescue Ranch. All animals in our adoption program are in foster homes. All the animals located at Rescue Ranch are permanent residents for our Education and Outreach Programs. 

I'd like to meet a dog that's available to adopt. 

Sounds great! First you need to fill out an adoption application here, and a Rescue Ranch Adoption Department representative will be in contact to walk you along the next steps.

Do you take owner surrenders?

We do not take dog or cat owner surrenders. Part of our mission is to educate our community on responsible pet ownership. We remain dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from shelters who need us the most. If you are looking to surrender your dog or cat, please visit our Resources page for info and rescources.

If you are looking to surrender an animal that is not a cat or dog, please email

I just found an animal, can I bring it to Rescue Ranch?

Unfortunately not. Any found animals need to follow legal protocol. You need to contact Animal Control in that county or contact a wildlife rehabber. Click here for resources on found animals and wildlife.

My neighbors don't take care of their animals. Can I have Rescue Ranch rescue them?

Unfortunately not. You need to contact Animal Control in your county to follow legal recourse. They can always do a welfare check to start the process of checking on them.

My child has a birthday party scheduled at the Ranch, can we bring alcohol for the adults?

Unfortunately not. We are a smoke-free, vape-free and alcohol-free campus, which includes our parking lots. 

I'm coming for a tour, can I bring my small dog that fits in my bag?

Unfortunately not. To prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases, we do not allow personal pets or Emotional Support Animals at the Ranch. Service Dogs are allowed to visit, but there will be some areas that are off limits to them.