About Us

Promoting compassion for all animals through education and adoption programs.

Formed in 2012 on 87 acres in Statesville, North Carolina, Rescue Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization founded by Krissie Newman and NASCAR driver Ryan Newman. 

We are a humane education center that provides sanctuary and permanent residency to more than 80 rescued animals. These animals all have a story to share as they came to the Ranch from situations like neglect, hoarding, or owner surrender. They are affectionately known as Rescue Ranch’s animal ambassadors; and are an integral component of our humane education programs. Our educational programs incorporate hands-on learning to support our mission of promoting compassion and respect for all animals. 


Rescue Ranch specializes in humane education programs for youth and families. We offer camps, field trips, scout programs, and more! When you attend one of our programs, you will learn about responsible pet ownership, empathy and compassion for animals, how animals survive in the wild, and other fun facts about our Animal Ambassadors. We pride ourselves on hands-on encounters with animals to learn why we must be the voice for animals. Since our inception in 2012, we have educated more than 35,000 people through our educational programs.


In December 2020, Rescue Ranch launched its adoption program. Our adoption program focuses on rescuing dogs and cats from high kill shelters and placing them into loving forever homes. North Carolina ranks third in the nation for euthanasia in shelters, and we knew we needed to help combat this staggering statistic. In our inaugural year, our adoption program rescued over 50 animals from cruelty and euthanasia at high kill shelters to help combat the unwanted pet situation in North Carolina.